Unlike the widely prevalent bench concept in India’s software industry, Vitech Asia works on Hire-to-Absorb model. It is tough for many to believe, but we do tremendous homework on both budget side and HR side before putting a position as open for hire. Even months before the first interview happens, we would know where the new hire would fit in the product development life cycle. This targeted hire-to-absorb model will ensure that every new hire can be assured of a team allocation within days of joining, removing any worries of instability or uncertainty.

No fear of “Laid Off” because you are on bench….no fear of forgetting what you have learned because you are on bench…. no “Boring” moments because you are on bench…In Vitech we do not have the “Bench” concept. Our employee utilization ratio is 100% so always have a chance to work, improve your skills and help the company to grow.